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Vibe is the first and only device made specifically to enhance communication by creating a clear command/response alert between crew members regardless of environmental noise. 

VIBE breaks through the loud environment of a job site by using a vibration to get a person’s attention.  VIBE is a wireless, compact, and completely self-contained unit which requires no external equipment to make it function. The entire VIBE unit fits comfortably in or on your hard-hat or helmet, keeping it hidden and out of the way. 

Created by experienced professionals looking for a solution to their daily communication challenges. VIBE is useful in the deaf/hard of hearing community, construction, tree care, emergency service profession, landscaping, factory work—anywhere that communication is hindered due to noise

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This article, originally published in Arborist News as part of regular series contributed by the ISA International Safety Committee, is used with permission from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Potential Uses


Municipal workers are often in precarious situations working near busy roadways working in catch basins, fixing pot holes, picking up leaves or garbage, or clearing sewer lines. Good, clear communication is essential to them not being the next news story of a motor vehicle struck by. VIBE provides a clear, immediate alert to warn the workers that a car is coming too close for comfort and safety offering the opportunity to get clear of a potential injury causing situation. Because VIBE uses vibration, highway or machine noise doesn’t prevent the clear, unmistakable alert from VIBE.


Construction sites are filled with loud equipment and blind spots creating dangerous situations and inefficient work due to poor communication. VIBE
provides the means for clear communication by making people available immediately. VIBE gets someone’s attention, regardless of noise, alerting them of potential danger to them or to someone near them. Whether you’re the machine operator or the laborer, VIBE will get your attention.


Air compressors, presses, fork lifts, and conveyors are just some of the many things that hinder good communication in a manufacturing setting. Where there is dangerous machinery and loud noise, there’s a use for VIBE. When you need someone’s attention for whatever reason, there’s VIBE


“I wish I could get them to look at me!” Ever been there? You can’t make a sound but you really need to get someone’s attention. Well, now there’s a way, it’s called VIBE. Because VIBE uses vibration it gains someone’s attention immediately without causing a disruption.
Weddings, conferences, stage work, etc. are perfect situations for VIBE.


ANSI Z133 states” Arborists working aloft shall establish a communication system with arborists and other workers on the ground”, ” …… The verbal, audible, or visual communication system shall use an established Command and Response system….”. VIBE is exactly that, a clear, immediate Command/Response system that isn’t hindered by the noise of tree care operations. You don’t have to yell or wave your arms hoping that someone will hear you or notice you. You just push a button, make eye contact, and start communicating. This is Command/ Response that works, decreases stress, increases safety and efficiency, and that won’t break the bank.
This is VIBE!

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