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I met TC when I competed in the Penn-Del TCC in the 2016. Right off the bat, my man is a ball of energy, ALIVE with good vibes! He treats you like he has known you forever, and is passionate about being in the tree care industry. I asked for a Q and A session, and here it is:

Question 1– You are the creative mind behind thearblife.com. What piqued your motivation to create this platform? What do you hope it becomes for the tree community?

TC’s Answer– My blog and podcast (thearblife.com) is a place for me to think out loud about what I do as a professional arborist. I say that it’s a place for arborists to find inspiration; but essentially it’s sort of me exposing my quest to stay inspired by what I do. I find inspiration mostly in the people I meet. Not necessarily in what they do, but how they do it or why they do it. There may be people out there struggling with running a business, or taking their career to the next level, meeting their next goal. I would like thearblife.com to be a platform that helps arborists connect with other arborists and identify in their stories, their struggles, so that we can all enjoy the hard-sought after successes that make this profession worthwhile. I think what I’m trying to capture is the colorful character of the modern arborist.

Question 2– The injuries and deaths in the tree care industry are still happening. Even with social media to help spread the importance of safety, there are people who still post pics and videos that show a lack of respect toward those safety guidelines. Any encouraging advice that might pierce through their walls of resistance?

TC’s Answer– I feel safety is of the utmost importance, but on social media (Facebook, Instagram) there will always be the freedom for people to post what they want (as far as pictures with no PPE, one handing a chainsaw and etc.). We live in a world where everyone has access to information and media platforms. Especially homeowners, and more specifically, tree owners. If people want to represent themselves as unsafe, it’s a lose-lose situation. People are going to see that, and I’m not sure who it’s attractive to when you can see real professionals doing things the right way on the same forum.

I think it’s important to respect what we do as an industry. I think the majority of people aren’t going to take you seriously, if you don’t take yourself seriously.

Question 3–¬† To add to another question in response to your answer to the first question, how did you end up pursuing a career in the tree industry? Example: adrenaline junkie first or were you drawn in with an interest in trees as organisms?

TC’s Answer– I grew up working in the green industry, landscaping and mowing grass and working at golf courses. Even in college I worked with several landscaping outfits over the summers. I always had the dream of going into business, but as a freelancer of sorts. I really wanted to be creative in my profession. I saw an ISA tree climbing competition online, and I think I was drawn to climbing because it felt like the next level of experience I needed in the ¬†green industry. I became an ISA certified arborist shortly after graduating college and have continued my education through them ever since. So in a way my blog and podcast is also a way for me to continue my education, and continue to learn about other arborists and how they operate. It makes sense on so many levels for me.

WHOO! Thanks for the patience and time to answer a few questions for us! Climb on and the Vibe team wishes you the best with your blog and podcast (thearblife.com)! Like I was saying before, you have an electric energy that can lift up the spirits of anyone who comes crosses your path, keep doing your thing! See you around brah!

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